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Apartment Living Offers Simplicity and Convenience to New Professionals in D.C.

Apartment Living Offers Simplicity and Convenience to New Professionals in D.C.

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For recent graduates and those pursuing new career opportunities in the D.C. area, the nation’s capital remains one of the most attractive areas to begin your career.

Living in a bustling city may seem daunting; the traffic, the high population, the trouble finding parking.

It’s important to take a look at the whole picture to understand what your life as a new professional in the city looks like. In this post, we want to examine what makes D.C. so attractive to new professionals, and the one-of-a-kind lifestyle they are afforded.

Simplifying Financial Burdens

Professionals Renting apartments in Washington DC


You might think that it is expensive to live in D.C. However, compared to buying a new home or maintaining a rental property, city life can be affordable while offering many other advantages.

As an example, renting an apartment avoids paying property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, heating and cooling repair expenses and you don’t have to pay for appliances to be maintained or replaced. You also don’t need to worry about the market value of your home and a mortgage becoming upside down if the value depreciates.

A security deposit for renting an apartment costs nowhere near what a down payment for a new house does. Plus, in some cases you won’t even be on the hook for that. Most DARO Apartment properties require zero security deposit with approved credit.

Better yet, renting an apartment instead of buying a home right away saves money and allows you to build credit. Here at DARO Apartments, residents can take advantage of the Rent Plus Program for just $4.99/month per person. This program reports rent payments to credit agencies, and many of our residents see a credit score increase of over 100 points after using the program.

If you grow within your new job and move up in your profession, you may need to make a move to a new area. Renting an apartment makes this easier because you are not held back by owning a home. Renting allows for flexibility and not such a long-term commitment like a mortgage.

Overall, what looks like a higher cost of living is balanced out by a flexible and convenient living situation.

Avoid Wasting Time & Money

Professional renting apartments in Washington DC

Living in the heart of D.C. rather than the suburbs allows for a much shorter commute to work.

Also, there is no need to own a car in D.C. if you choose not to. If you are renting an apartment anywhere in the D.C. area, you should be taking advantage of one of the nation’s best public transit systems.

Utilizing public transportation is another great way to save money and avoid the headaches of owning a vehicle. You will save money on car payments, insurance, gas, general maintenance expenses, the costs of possible accidents, and parking tickets. Even better, you'll save time by not driving in traffic.

As a new professional living in the city, you are probably very busy. By the time the end of the workday arrives, you most likely won’t feel like cooking. There are a ton of places that have healthy options to get dinner on your commute home or even delivered right to your apartment.

Prefer fresh fruits and veggies? D.C. is well-known for its local farmers’ markets spread across the city. Buying fresh foods for one week at a time avoids wasteful grocery shopping by not over-buying and avoiding unnecessary food spoilage.

Apartment-Life Amenities

Living in a modern, boutique-style apartment building in D.C. offers residents the many amenities such as onsite laundry, state-of-the-art gyms, and even secure bicycle storage rooms. Most apartment building amenities such as a gym is not a luxury most homeowners can afford.

Renting an apartment versus owning a home frees up a lot of time that would be spent maintaining your house and yard. All grounds maintenance and apartment appliance repairs are completed by apartment maintenance.

Living in the downtown D.C. area is a great way to take advantage of all the free D.C. city attractions as well. If you like to socialize and be part of community involvement and activities, there are always events going on throughout the year.

In addition to the robust public transportation system, many of D.C.’s neighborhoods are remarkably walkable. Many of the area’s best restaurants, groceries, and other local service providers are just a short walk from home. Plus, the local parks and walking trails are a great way get away from the busy city without having to travel far to enjoy nature.

More and more apartment amenities are improving. From pet-friendly places to WiFi & Media Rooms, apartment-life can be pretty convenient.

Living in an apartment lends to living in a space that is less likely to become cluttered. Minimalist living is an easy way to keep life from becoming overwhelming. If you do have some belongings you would like to store; most D.C. apartment buildings have the option for extra storage in the building for a small fee.

DC Offers a Unique Lifestyle for New Professionals

DC Apartments

For those who are just entering the workforce or making a significant career change, DC offers a unique urban lifestyle. While the cost of living seems high on paper, many professionals prefer D.C. for the simplicity, convenience, and flexibility that it offers.

Rather than a suburban home with a daily drive to work, residents enjoy a much more streamlined budget free of ordinary expenses and headaches while enjoying a delightfully mobile lifestyle where their favorite shops, entertainment, and restaurants are just a stone’s throw away.

When you pair it with all the fantastic career opportunities exclusive to the District, it’s no wonder it’s one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S.

If you’re making the move to D.C., you have a lot to look forward too. If you want to browse our collection of boutique apartment buildings in the District’s most desirable neighborhoods, get in touch with DARO Apartments today.

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