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7 Easy Winter Date Ideas in Washington DC

7 Easy Winter Date Ideas in Washington DC

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It's cold and snowy outside. You and your partner had decided to go on a date night together, but as soon as you look out the window, you give up and end up Netflix and chilling… again.

We've all been there. 

If you're about to move to Washington, DC and spend the winter there, this might seem a bit unsettling.

But the reality is, you have nothing to worry about! There's so much to see and experience in DC. You won't even care if it's 30ºF or 89ºF.

Keep reading as we go through seven date ideas in Washington, DC that'll keep your romance warm all winter long!

For a Jazz Night: Blues Alley

Taking your partner to see live music never fails. Plus, is there any genre that's more seductive than jazz?

The Blues Alley has been around since 1965, and it has hosted concerts from legends like Dizz Gillespie, Eva Cassidy, and Tony Bennett. Need we say more?

Besides their regular music events, the Blues Alley offers a menu full of mouthwatering meals and unique cocktails, so it's the ideal place if you want to have dinner and then enjoy some tunes with a drink on your hand.

For a Green Date: Rock Creek Park

When the trees are naked, and the sun is hiding, it's easy to miss seeing some greenery around you. Thankfully, in Washington, you can easily get your fix of flora in many different spots. 

Rock Creek Park is one of our favorites: with its majestic trees, serene vibe, and fresh air, this park is the perfect place for a chill date with your partner.

Plus, going on a hike will help you both kill those extra calories from Christmas. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

If you want to explore some impressive nature but don't really feel like being outside, don't worry: there's a great alternative.

The United States Botanic Garden is full of orchids, succulents, fruit trees, and even endangered plants that you might not get to see anywhere else. Plus, it's free to enter!

For a Competitive Date: Board Room

Going for drinks is fun, but it can get a little bit repetitive, so why not add some board games to the mix and make it more exciting?

The Board Room has over 30 games to choose from. Whether you want to keep it classic with some playing cards, make each other laugh with a round of Cards Against Humanity or test each other's strategic thinking with Risk, you'll find a game to keep you entertained for hours.

You can even invite your best friend and their partner and make it a double date!

For an Artsy Date: ArtSpace DC

Are you and your partner all about creating?

ArtSpace DC offers classes that any artist will love to try for as little as $5, and it organizes open studios regularly. Furthermore, it has exhibitions with the pieces created by their talent, so even if you're not an artist, you can have a great time there.

ArtSpace DC is also a good date idea if you want (or have) to bring your kids along. They can get as creative as they want to, and you can enjoy some quality family time together!

For a Movie Night: Atlantic Plumbing Cinema

If you're at that stage when you scroll down Netflix and nothing catches your attention, it's time to change it up a bit and head to the theater.

But not just any theater!

The Atlantic Plumbing Cinema offers an intimate atmosphere, perfect for a romantic night, and it makes going to the movies seem like a much fancier date with its luxurious leather seats, elegant cocktails, and delicious food.

After the movie, you can head to the bar and pick a romantic song on their social jukebox to end the date on a cute note. 

For Some Beers (or Ciders): Right Proper

If you're going on a first date, you'd likely rather have a few drinks to calm down your nerves.

Right, Proper is the spot you're looking for, not only because of their delicious craft beer but because of the friendly atmosphere that will put anyone at ease. Even during the first date!

The bar offers ten different types of beers to try from, as well as some craft spirits and wine if you want to change it up a bit. Plus, it has a menu full of Southern food (including options for vegetarians), that changes according to the season but is always as comforting as you can imagine.

To make it even more fun, you can go on your own bar crawl for two and check 3 Stars, Capitol City, DC Brau, and more!

For a Cultural Date: Museums, Museums, Museums

We tried choosing just one, but there are so many amazing museums in Washington, we simply couldn't. And hey, if you're going to have a cultural day, might as well wake up early and hit all the museums you want to see, right?

Some of our favorites are:

To make the most out of this day-long romantic date, make an itinerary the night before with all the spots you two want to check! 

Winter Date Ideas in Washington DC: There's Something for Everyone!

With so many different date ideas to choose from, the thought of putting on a jacket (or two) and getting out of your house for a few hours gets a lot more enticing. 

Try one of our winter date ideas in Washington DC every week, and you'll keep the romance alive no matter which temperature. 

So, are you ready to move to DC and have the most romantic winter of your life? Get in touch, and we'll help you lovebirds find your perfect apartment!

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