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8 Tips About How to Declutter an Apartment

  No one enjoys feeling like “home” is a cluttered, disorganized mess. If left unchecked, mail begins to pile up, books overflow from shelves, clothes start to spill from drawers or closets, and even decorations or keepsakes take over your flat surfaces. Long story short, items add up, and decluttering can quickly seem close to…

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5 Fall Recipes You Can Make in Your Apartment Kitchen

Fall has arrived, and with the falling leaves and cooler temperatures comes a number of delicious seasonal dishes. From pumpkin, squash and other fall veggies to Thanksgiving staples, there are many wonderful recipes just waiting for an enthusiastic apartment chef like yourself. In this article, we want to show off our favorite fall recipes from…

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What Makes an Apartment ‘Boutique’?

Boutique Apartments are a growing trend both in the United States and abroad, and DC apartments are no exception. You’ve probably the word used frequently in advertisements and listings and be wondering “what exactly makes an apartment boutique?” Merriam Webster offers two definitions of the word: A small shop dealing in fashionable clothes or accessories…

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The Best Indoor Plants to Decorate an Apartment

When it comes to decorating your new apartment, finding items that will bring life into various rooms without overpowering or cluttering them can be difficult. Apartment decorating can also be tricky if your landlord isn’t keen on you putting holes in the walls to hang shelves, or letting you paint walls to match your personal…

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How to Master Cooking in Your Small Kitchen

Those who live in small apartments with similarly proportioned kitchens should never be dissuaded from cooking at home. There's nothing quite like a wonderful home-cooked meal; Especially here in Mt. Pleasant where residents have access to high-quality local meat and produce via the weekly farmers' market. Even most commercial kitchens are extremely small compared to…

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