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The Best Places in DC For a Photoshoot

The Best Places in DC For a Photoshoot

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6 Unique Places to Take Photos in The City

Whether you’re planning for a family portrait or just want some unique places to take photos with friends, there are so many great spots in the neighborhood!

1. Snap a Photo At The Friendship Arch in Chinatown

check out chinatown

If you’re headed down to Chinatown for any reason, stopping at the Friendship Archway is a must. This beautiful spot was dedicated in 1986 by the mayor of Beijing and the mayor of Washington DC.


The arch is a beautiful work of architecture and has 272 painted dragons on it! It was designed by Alfred Liu and symbolizes the friendship between the two aforementioned cities.


To get there from your cozy home at The Vintage, all you need to do is take either green or yellow line from Columbia Heights station and get off at Gallery Plaza – Chinatown.

The Investment

Luckily, the Friendship Archway is completely free! Since it’s located right in the middle of a neighborhood, you don’t have to pay a penny to take a photo at this spot.

2. Pose For A Picture At The Artechouse

The Artechouse is a unique art space in the middle of the city. This space features moving murals on surrounding screens.


The theme of the whole exhibit is using technology and innovation to create unique art. The exhibits change constantly, so depending when you go you might see something different! Be sure to check the website before you get there.


Getting to Artechouse from The Vintage is simple; take the green or yellow line from Columbia Heights Station down to L’Enfant Plaza.

The Investment

A visit to the Artechouse is very affordable. Tickets are only $16 for adults. Or, if you’re a senior or a child, you’ll only need to pay $13.

3. Photograph The Botanic Gardens
check out the botanic gardens in dc

The botanic gardens aren’t just a great spot for a photo shoot, they’re a good place to go hang out with friends too!

Enjoy the beautiful flowers and photo ops. You can take photos inside the beautiful greenhouse, where you’ll find warm climate plants and beautiful reflecting pools.


Or, if you’d prefer to get outdoors, check out the National Garden adjacent to the conservatory. You’ll find fish ponds and flowers in abundance.


Conveniently, the botanic gardens are located at the same metro stop as Artechouse! You can visit the art exhibit and then take a trip down to the botanic gardens. Two photo spots in one day? Score!

The Investment

Probably the best part about the botanic gardens is that they’re completely free to visit. That’s right, you can get gorgeous photos all without paying a penny!

4. Take a Few Pictures At CityCenterDC

Do you love living in the heart of a city? Then CityCenterDC is the place for you! This neat little area has shopping, dining, and office spaces where you can hang out and enjoy an afternoon.


The alleys between the buildings are decorated with adornments that fit the season. During the holidays, string lights illuminate the streets. At this time of year, you’ll find paper kites strung between the buildings to celebrate spring and the beginning of the summer season.


You can get to CityCenterDC by taking the metro down to the Chinatown stop at Gallery Plaza. It’s a great little spot to walk around in once you’ve finished your photographs at the Friendship Archway!

The Investment

Photographing CityCenterDC’s alleyways is free, but bring some cash in case you want to grab a coffee or shop at one of the local boutiques.

5. Grab Some Snaps At The CEB Observation Deck

catch a great view of washington dc

The CEB Observation Deck offers beautiful, sweeping views of the entire city. Grab your girlfriends and snap unique photos with the Capitol and the Washington monuments in the background.


At this spot, the weather doesn’t need to hold you back, either. You can take photographs outside on the observation deck, but if it’s raining the view is just as good from the slightly lower museum area.


To get to the CEB Tower, take either the green or yellow line down to L’Enfant Plaza. From there, transfer to the Blue Line and ride out to Rosslyn. The metro stop is right next to the tower, so you won’t need to walk!

The Investment

A trip to the CEB observation deck will cost you $22 at the box office. Or, if you want to save a little bit, purchase tickets ahead of time online for $21.

6. Take A Picture At The Waterfront

This one isn’t exactly a specific location, but DC has so many beautiful access points to the waterfront.


You can snap a photo at either the Potomac or the Anacostia, both of which are beautiful rivers running through DC.


There are several access points to the waterfront, but the closest to home is Waterfront Station. Just take the Green Line from the Columbia Heights metro station and about 20 minutes later you’ll be by the water.

The Investment

The only cost you’ll run into at the waterfront is your metro fare! Bring some cash and grab a gelato with your friends, or simply stroll along and capture photos with the river in the background.


DC is a great city to photograph, but it’s an even better city to live in! Call The Vintage on 16th to rent your new home.

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